Singh Beans Coffee Co.

Our mission is to create coffee that not only tastes delicious, but does not compromise the environment, the farms or the farmers. The Singh Beans in your cup is not only helping you get through the day, but helping the growers get through theirs.

The Rainforest Alliance

Freshly Roasted To Order, Delivered Directly To You

Artisanal Hand-Roasted Coffee; Ethically Sourced and Roasted by our Master Roasters.


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Our Charity: Khalsa Aid

Recognising the humanity in us all and reaching out to those in need, regardless of race, religion, borders.

Khalsa Aid Projects


The Amalfi

Dark Chocolate - Caramel - Hazelnut

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The Atlantic

Milk Chocolate - Dragon Fruit - Blackberry

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The Classic Collection

The Classic Collection is now only £32.95

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Jamaican Blue Mountain

This is how we micro-roast our delicious Blue Mountain coffee

How to Brew



We understand that no one size fits all, however our guides are designed to give you a starting point on your journey, to the perfect cup of Singh Beans.

How to Brew guides


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