We Provide The Freshest & Tastiest Coffee Directly To You 

Our aim here at Singh Beans is to make a difference. The best tasting coffee doesn't have to exploit hard working farmers or the environment. That is why we only use Rainforest Alliance coffee beans, as this ensures we can enjoy coffee without harming anything or anyone else.

Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee
We are proud of our coffee and we value three things above all else:


Our blends are roasted in small batches so you receive fresh coffee with maximum flavour and aroma. All purchases will reach you seven days from the roast date, so the coffee will be well rested when it reaches you. Having four beautiful blends means we have enough time to roast all our coffees with the care and attention they each deserve, which means delicious coffee for you.


Our master artisanal roaster picks the highest quality beans, that are then blended to be balanced, delicate and delicious. Our recipes have passed down over five generations, which means its not just great coffee you're tasting but heritage and pedigree.


You guys are constantly giving us feedback on what you love.

Therefore we are always coming up with new ways to please you, for example you asked for an unique flavour and we delivered, go and check out our Sicilian blend.

We continue to be here for you guys and the ethical coffee community and we will always act within your best interests, so don't be afraid to get in touch.
You can find us on social media platforms @SinghBeansUK or eMail us :- info@singhbeans.co.uk