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Singh Beans

VILLAM (℮250g)

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Toasted Almonds - Caramel - Chocolate

Singh Beans is more than just a coffee company.

We strive to give back to our community and are front line advocates for sustainability.

We care about our farmers and the struggles they have to go through.

Villam translates to “the farm”, the objective is to bring people to together and to help create a community to raise money for farmers rights across the world as well as raising awareness of ethical and sustainable farming practices.

Singh Beans UK is donating all profits from its ‘VILLAM’ roast to @Khalsa_Aid; who are known for helping farmers all over the world fight for their rights.

The Villam Roast is a smooth blend using the best beans the world has to offer.

The flavour profile of Villam is decadently smoky with a toasted almonds and caramel undertone. It has very little bitterness.

One of the smoothest coffees you will ever taste.