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The Artisan Collection consists of our favourite single origin coffees from around the world. Included in the Free Postage Promotion.

Honduran:- Honduran coffee beans are delicious. The brew is full-bodied with a milk chocolate aroma with light caramel notes. As this brew cools, hints of apricots are much more apparent. Smooth and bright.

Ethiopian:- Ethiopian beans stand out with a broad flavour profile that suits many a palate. The tasting experience begins with a sweet honey/nectar tone followed by a creamy, buttery body. Highlights of jasmine and bold citrus acidity. Complex, but light.

Columbian:- Columbian Arabicas are some of the finest Arabicas known to man. They are grown in very high altitude which lend to the deep, rich and creamy flavours that are present. The flavours comprise of a cocoa aroma with a liquorice body and hints of dark chocolate/toffee. Simple yet sophisticated.

Brazilian:- Brazilian coffees are just beautiful. The taste is of a delicious dark chocolate which dances on the palate and finishes with a light toffee. As the brew cools, citrus notes are more apparent. Strong, bold and dark.

1 x Honduran, 1 x Ethiopian, 1 x Colombian, 1 x Brazilian (℮125 per bag)