The Story

Our story begins with family.
As a family we have a passion for coffee and have seen the coffee industry's demand for fresh, artisanal coffee grow but decline in ethical production methods, this didn’t sit right with us. 
Our family traditions drove us to begin this distinguished brand.

The Name

The name Singh is synonymous with honour and grace; a name, an identity and a responsibility passed down from our ancestors.
We applied our family morals to coffee production and Singh Beans was born! 
We established ourselves in 2020 and are operational in the UK and Canada.

The Brand

Our business has been built on strong relationships with farmers, suppliers and customers.
Our focus on ethical practices, fair treatment of farmers and an authentication process allows for truly ethical coffee. From farm to bean, from sack to roasters and from box to cup, every step of the way has a quality control to ensure the best taste in your cup without comprised morality.

The Coffee

All our blends comprise of beans that are from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms, this ensures everybody gets a fair price and the Earth doesn’t suffer either. 

The Charity

Our heritage is more important to us now than ever before so we incorporated the concept of Dasvaandh (Dasvaandh literally means "a tenth part" and refers to the act of donating ten percent of your time and profit to a worthwhile cause).

Our choice of worthwhile cause was a charity that reflected our ethics and morality:- Khalsa Aid.

The Mission

As a company, we hope to bring you the best tasting coffee the world has to offer, without compromising the people that grow it and the land the provides it.